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Aquilino Garcia - Thank You for your Legacy

We did not have the opportunity to meet Aquilino Garcia in person but wanted to highlight his work and legacy in the world of mezcal.

Images from Mezcal Vago Instagram Account

Tequila and Mezcal

My father has been drinking tequila since the time when it was considered a spirit for a "lower class". Tequila was perceived as a spirit people drank if they did not had the financial resources to buy whiskey or brandy. Thanks to my father, I started to enjoy tequila even before it became a mainstream drink. All of a sudden fancy bottles and premium brands inundated the tequila market and many thought that the new "lower class" dring was mezcal.

Mezcal: the “Cheap Tequila”

Thanks to Doug Smith, owner of Exo Coffee and El Crisol in Tucson, Arizona, I started to learn and appreciate mezcal. All of a sudden I realized that tequila and mezcal are as different as bourbon and scotch.

During a class being thought by Doug, we were introduced to Francisco Terrazas, Brand Manager for Mezcal Vago who gave us a beautiful presentation about their mezcal. I realized that Mezcal Vago is so unique since it is not mass-produced by machines, it is crafted by a true maestro mezcalero: Aquilino Garcia. After the dialogue between Francisco and Doug, I watched again the documentary Agave: The Spirit of a Nation. I really encourage you to watch this documentary, where you will connect with producers of different agave spirits in Mexico. One of those is Aquilino Garcia, and theough the documentary you will be able to see how his mezcal is a prime example of the connection between people and places.

Unfortunately, Don Aquilino passed away unexpectedly last week. I hope this short story brings awareness and recognition to this Maestro Mescalero. If you met Don Aquilino, I am sure you have fond memories and stories to share. If you did not meet him in person (like me), I suggest you watch the momentary and drink Mezcal Vago Elote, and you will appreciate the work of Don Aquilino.

Salud hasta el Cielo Don Aquilino! Thanks for giving us the legacy of a great mezcal.

Respectfully, the Hygge Foodie.

Images from Mezcal Vago Instagram Account


Where to Buy

Mezcal Vago Espadin: Caskers

Mezcal Vago Elote Aquilino: Bitters & Bottles and

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